MySpace users beware! According to a NY Times Article, famous social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are being used by recruiters as a background checking tool. What a genius idea?!! Although some may argue that this information should not be used against applicants, I say "why not?" A recruiter has the right to know if an applicant is capable of making responsible decisions. Posting your picture on a website and proclaiming to the world "I AM A POT SMOKING SLUT," does not scream responsibility. I do not blame recruiters for wanting to know if this is an individual they want representing their company/university.

I am not against these social networking sites, however users should be more cautious about the information they share. It's a shame that most of these kids are probably doing this in an attempt to look cool among their peers. We have all probably been there before. I know I have…I was smart enough not to post it on a website…until now 🙂

Being turned down for a job or denied admission to a university is a hard way to learn the lesson of oversharing, but it is obviously a lesson that some teenagers need to learn. As Scott Karp said:

Young people may be naive but they are not stupid. The generation just hitting puberty will watch the class ahead of them get screwed out of college admissions and job offers as a result of too much online social networking. And they won’t make the same mistake.